What Are The Benefits Of A Dash Cam?

Video Dash Cams, What Are The Benefits?

Dash cams have become widely popular in many countries especially for Uber, Lyft & Taxi drivers.  In fact an independent European Retail Study, GFK states that Dash Cam sales increased by almost 400%  in 2015, making it the fastest growing consumer electronic in the UK. Why? Well some of the main reasons are:

  • Record your routes
  • Report road ranging drivers
  • Protect your case in the event of an accident 
  • and the list goes on...

Of course these are not the only reasons to use a dash cam video while driving but in case you didn't know dash cams can be used even when your car is in park! That's right while your car is parked you can record everything that goes on around your vehicle when you aren't around. Motion sensors will activate the camera when someone walks in the path of the camera. Dash cams can prove to be an ally when involved in traffic situations where your word may be in question. All recordings are permissible in the court of law so it can be used to prove your case!

Dash cams can be used to capture lasting memories of family road trips that wind down scenic roads and pass through areas where wild life run abundant or just capture the sun rise or set. Edit the videos to create a holiday keep sake and share them with your friends and family.

As popularity begins to spread to the U.S the demand for a high quality dash cam will be in order.

Mini High Definition Dash Video Cam

If you want a great cam, Shoplife's Mini HD Dash Cam is the perfect fit for those that want security while driving and wish to create stunning video memories. This dash cam has a 2 inch, high resolution LCD monitor, with 4x digital zoom & 120 degree high resolution lens. It also fully supports night vision and HDMI full High Definition Video Transmission. Of the several functions it has, this dash cam includes loop cycle recording and motion detectionIts available ONLY while supplies last. Take A look!

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Mini Dash Cam


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